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Delta Community Supports believes that anyone who wants to live or work in their community should have the opportunity to do so. Guided by this philosophy, we have created an array of support services to help people with disabilities live the lives that they choose, work where they want to work, and in the communities where they want to live. Delta takes great care to provide person centered planning for all services. We allow individual choice to drive our services.

At Delta, we’re benefactors and friends whose lives are enriched through service to others – and where every relationship is mutually beneficial. Over time, we’ve found that as a true community we learn as much from care recipients as they learn from us. And, from residential arrangements to social and recreation options or the basics of day-to-day living — we share responsibilities and lives.

Our services provide a comprehensive ability to meet the needs of our communities. Core Services include:


Community Living

community_livingCommunity Living at Delta consists of group homes in which individuals with developmental disabilities are given the opportunity to live together with staff support. Community-based housing is a safe, comfortable environment in which consumers can develop their independence.

Community Living Arrangements

For adults with developmental disabilities, there is no place like a Delta home. Delta offers community living arrangements in which individuals can contribute to and benefit from their communities. When a person is referred by a state or county agency, he or she will be welcomed into the home that best accommodates existing housemates and new members of the Delta family.

Delta manages residential services in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Each home is managed by trained staff who oversee all aspects of supports and services to ensure our individuals continuously move forward towards independent, self-determined lifestyles.

Living and Working Together

Housemates within each of Delta’s group homes function together as a family. Under the on-site supervision of Delta staff members, each housemate participates fully in the daily routines of life—sharing meals, household responsibilities, and social opportunities.

Staff Support for Independence

Interaction builds companionship between staff and residents. Staff members come to understand each person’s strengths and hobbies, tailoring recreation options and community outings to suit each person’s interests and needs. Most importantly, each individual chooses the life they want to live, and Delta staff members ensure that their choices are validated and protected.

Depending on the level of need within a home, some individuals receive overnight or even 24-hour care, while others may have minimal supervision, but the reassurance that trained Delta staff are only a phone call away. Delta tailors each home to support the greatest independence and safety for each person under their care. Should a housemate require additional or unique care due to a medical condition, Delta staff members are trained to provide the right support.

For more information about our Community Living services, please contact:

Nanette Wolf
(215) 953-9255, ext. 306

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Family Supports

Family Supports is available for those who care for a loved one with disabilities at home. Delta offers support to assist the entire family. We will provide a companion match – a Delta staff member who will administer support tailored to both the individual’s and the family’s needs or requests.

Caring for a family member who is disabled without support can be an overwhelming challenge. When a family needs assistance caring for a disabled family member, Delta can help. If you are referred to Delta through The Division of Developmental Disabilities (DDD), our Family Supports staff will come to your home to support your family member’s needs. Our staff members are trained to provide a wide range of services. If your circumstances require special consideration, we will ensure that our staff receives the additional training necessary.

Delta’s companionship extends to friendship, personal care, transportation, skill development, and more.

Family Support offers a range of comprehensive services designed to help each family uniquely. Programs vary based on geographic regions and include:

In-Home Supports

Our staff regularly visits your home and provides needed supports and services.

Respite Services

Family caregivers in need of personal time, whom state and county offices refer, may schedule a stay for their family member at Delta’s Respite Services.

Other services provided by Family Supports include:

  • Transition Planning
  • Advocacy
  • Resource Referral
  • Technical Assistance

For more information about Family Support services in NJ, please contact:

Nidaa Cocchi
(908) 707-8844   ext. 134

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Respite Services

respite_servicesRespite Services maintains a bed and breakfast, and a weekend hotel stay for New Jersey residents. All respite programs provide short-term relief for family members caring for individuals with developmental disabilities and foster caregivers.

Who takes care of the caregivers? We know that families who care for a loved one with developmental disabilities need time to refresh themselves. Family caregivers in need of personal time, whom state and county offices refer, may schedule a stay for their family members at Delta’s Respite Services.

Each Delta respite home can host up to four individuals. While you’re enjoying a breather, Deltas’ dedicated staff members will care for your family member. You’ll rest well knowing your family member will receive professional care in your absence.

Whether you need just a half-day to recoup or a few days to reenergize a Respite Home visit for your loved one may be the best remedy.


For more information about Respite Services in PA, please contact:

Nanette Wolf
(215) 953-9255, ext. 306

For more information about Respite Services in NJ, please contact:

Nidaa Cocchi
(908) 707-8844   ext. 134

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The Community Center

community_centerThe Community Center at Delta, offers adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities a chance to explore their talents, expand their hobbies, and try new experiences together in a safe, friendly environment. Our lives are enriched through the relationships we establish and keep.

Thirty-seven staff members create programs to accommodate participants’ needs and interests. Some popular activities include:

  • Arts & Crafts
  • Horticulture
  • Gardening
  • Music
  • Sensory Awareness
  • Leisure Games
  • Seniors Program
  • Dances
  • Holiday Parties

To ensure that all individuals develop confidence and cultivate relationships, Delta offers some unique opportunities.

Communications Program – Individuals who require speech assistance may learn to use augmentative communication devices that speak for them. Others learn to use sign language or picture boards.

Delta Creative Images Salon – Community Center Members may have their hair done or receive a makeover or manicure.

Community Trips – The Community Center staff organizes outings to the pool, bowling alley, libraries, movies, the mall, and restaurants. We are always open to requests and new ideas.

Volunteer Opportunities – Community Center members give back to the community through Meals on Wheels, Adopt-a-Grandparent, Coups for Troops, and other community programs.

Parents Group – Family members of Community Center participants meet as needed to share information and offer support to one another.

The Community Center is open from 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., Monday through Friday.

We would be happy to answer any questions you have about the services we can provide for your loved one. To find out if your loved one is eligible to participate in our programs, please contact your state or county case manager.

For more information about The Community Center, please contact:

Heather Stuber
(215) 943-9230, ext. 127

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Supported Living

supported_livingSupported Living offers living arrangements and apartments with staff support for individuals with developmental disabilities who do not require 24-hour care.

Supported Living is a residential option for adults with an intellectual or developmental disability who do not need 24 hour care. Individuals live in the community in their own home/apartment independently.   Staffing is provided based on individual needs. Staff supports may include assistance with activities of daily living, transportation to day services or employment, assistance with budgeting and shopping, assistance with scheduling and attending medical appointments, assistance with social and recreational opportunities, or assistance with use of community resources.

Our Supported Living options are designed to promote independent living, choice, and self-determination. Individuals who choose this option must be able to be on their own independent of daily staff supports, administer their own medication and evacuate their home independently in case of an emergency. Although living on their own in Supported Living, 24 hour on call support is always available.

If you or your family member is interested in Supported Living as a residential living option, and for more information about our services at Delta Community Supports, please contact:

Nanette Wolf
(215) 953-9255, ext. 306

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Life Sharing

life_sharingLife Sharing is a new Delta service in which adults with developmental disabilities live together, independent of outside support for mutual benefit.

What is Lifesharing?

Lifesharing means living with and sharing life experiences with a supportive person or family in a private home.  It offers an individual with a disability the opportunity to live with a family or an individual who will support his/her desires and needs for an everyday life.

Lifesharing embraces and enriches the lives of individuals by offering another residential living option other than a traditional Community Living Home.  Individuals in Lifesharing include children and adults with a wide variety of needs and challenges.

The mission of Lifesharing is to enrich the lives of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities by matching those who choose this lifestyle with a family, individual, or couple who chooses to open their homes and their hearts.

Lifesharing encourages ongoing relationships with natural families.

For additional information about Lifesharing, here are available resources:

  • Delta Community Supports Brochure
  • Lifesharing in Pennsylvaniaa 20 minute video created by Pennsylvania Office of Developmental Programs and the PA Lifesharing Coalition that provides an overview of Lifesharing.
  • Pennsylvania Lifesharing Coalition Website www.palifesharing.com

Are you interested in Lifesharing with Delta Community Supports?

If you or your family member is interested in Lifesharing as a residential living option, please contact Susan Giachetti, 215-953-9255, ext. 314 for more information about our services at Delta Community Supports.

Referrals to our services are initiated through your Supports Coordinator.  Please contact your Supports Coordinator directly to start this process.

Your needs and preferences are considered in making a match with a Lifesharing Provider.  We will coordinate visits with a potential provider to help you get to know them so you can decided if it is someone with whom you would like to live.  The Lifesharing Provider may be an individual, a couple, or a family.

Are you interested in becoming a Lifesharing Provider with Delta Community Supports?

Our application process is designed to make suitable matches between our consumers and host families.  The information we are requesting is necessary to make successful matches and meet our licensing standards.

You must be at least 21 years of age, have an extra bedroom available in your home, and be willing to share your life with someone.  We welcome single adults, couples or families.

All potential providers are expected to submit an application, meet with the Associate Director, complete all necessary paperwork, and participate in a home study and safety inspection process.

If selected as potential provider, everyone in the home over the age of 18 must pass required clearances. Everyone in the home must provide completed physicals signed by a physician.

All providers must meet orientation and annual training requirements, participate in on going home visits, and comply with all policies, procedures and regulations of Delta Community Supports, the County, and the State.

We ask providers to commit to a minimum of two years; however, the goal of Lifesharing is for a long term placement for the individual.

Lifesharing providers are considered independent contractors and are provided with a monthly stipend based on the individual’s needs.  An agreement between the Provider and Delta Community Supports will be established once a match has been established and all of the criteria have been met.

If interested, please complete the Provider Inquiry and return it to Susan Giachetti via email (sgiachetti@deltaweb.org), fax (215-953-9207), or mail (720 Johnsville Blvd, Suite 700, Warminster, PA 18974).

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Supported Employment

supported_employmentSupported Employment provides employment assistance to Delta consumers for full and part-time employment for individuals with developmental disabilities.

When individuals have meaningful work, they develop pride, self-respect, and a sense of belonging to their community. Workforce Connections satisfies needs on two fronts — for the individual seeking employment and for the employer in need of dependable workers. At Delta, we are a Division of Vocational Rehabilitation Services (DVRS) employment vendor. Through this program, we support individuals seeking competitive employment throughout the state of New Jersey, and we currently serve more than 30 people who have been employed by movie theaters, restaurants, retail and wholesale stores, and more.

In Pennsylvania, Delta provides employment supports through the Office of Vocational Rehabilitation (OVR).

For the individual, Delta’s Supported Employment provides:

  • Opportunities for those seeking employment to participate in activities which may help to identify possible career paths and learn necessary employment skills. Possible activities include assessments of employment preferences and skills, résumé development, interview training and assistance, job sampling, and more
  • Intensive one-to-one training at the worksite, designed to assist and familiarize the employee with his or her work routine and work culture
  • Ongoing assistance on the job following the intensive training period, including development of natural supports, transportation, advocacy, and career planning

For employers, Delta’s Supported Employment offers:

Delta’s unique approach to Supported Employment connects employers with great applicants and employees. We take care to get to know a business’ needs inside and out before referring one of our clients. If your company is interested in becoming a corporate partner with Delta, please contact us!

In addition to being a source of committed employees, Delta can also offer your business:

  • Information on tax credits for employers hiring persons with disabilities
  • Training for coworkers who would like to help support an employee with disabilities on the job
  • Additional training for the individual at the employer’s request
  • Information regarding the Americans with Disabilities Act

We are available at any time to answer any of your questions:

Please contact:
Nidaa Cocchi,
Director of Community Supports
908-707-8844  ext. 134

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